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  LegalShield's Nationwide 
 Legal & Identity Theft Service Plans

Lynne Pemberton is a licensed Independent Associate with LegalShield.  Lynne has been working together with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies  in Central Florida for over 20 years.  Lynne  helps to protect and grow small business, offers identity theft & legal service plans as an employee benefit, along with providing plans for individuals, families, and commercial drivers, available through LegalShield &

Call Toll Free 1 (888) 343-0105

As an Independent Associate I service local areas Nationwide & Canada

LegalShield Nationwide

The Largest Provider of Legal & Identity Theft Service Plans
Covering the United States & Canada

Call Toll Free Nationwide  (888) -343-0105

Toll-free phone consultations with your Provider Law Firm for any personal legal
matter even on pre-existing conditions under $20 a month

Add-On Small Business starting at $9.95/mo
(One time $10.00 enrollment fee)  

Photo: Join now and call today for legal advice nationwide coverage. Lawyer/Attorney 's listed with Forbes. Providing  Legal Service &  Identity Theft  Protection, including Family & Businesses, Small Business Legal, homebased business opportunity, Employee Benefits, Commercial Drivers, Legal Insurance Plans

LegalShield members get legal advice on unlimited topics nationwide.

Join now and get discount on LegalShield Identity Theft Plans


Quality Law FirmsExperienced Attorneys   AND  Certified Fraud Investigators

1.4 million members who have affordable access to our legal system
through our network of nationwide Provider Law Firms.

  • Unlimited advice on any  personal legal issue  
  • Phone calls/ Letters made on your behalf
  • Contracts and legal documents reviewed
  • Preparation of your Will, Living Will &Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Uncontested Divorce, Adoptions, Name Change and Separation  (Available after 90 consecutive days)


  • Trial Defense
  • Traffic Citation Assistance (Available after 15 days)
  • 24/7 Emergency Access
  • Online legal forms and videos
  • Quality Law Firms Nationwide
  • Includes preparation of your Will, Living Will, Healthcare, Power of Attorney
    plus Yearly Updates
      at no additional cost         

Prices & Coverage and prices will Vary per State
See Complete List of Benefits in Your State

Become a member today and  get unlimited personal legal advice on any issue with 
quality law firms and experienced attorneys nationwide
without paying high hourly cost.

Photo: LegalShield (Legal Shield)provides legal service plans & identity theft shield. Legal plans for small businesses ,commerical drivers, employee benefits. family and individuals less than 20 a month

Photo:Orlando / Service-LegalShield's Lawyers Attorney listed with Forbes. Providing  Legal Service &  Identity Theft  Protection, including Family &  Small Business Legal plans & homebased business Opportunity, Employee Benefits, Commercial Drivers, all Legal Insurance Plans nationwide coverage

Photo: LegalShield protect your identity and your good name with the best identity theft coverage in the world. legalshield and kroll together make our identity theft plan in the world today.

Photo: Orlando / Service-LegalShield/Lawyer/Attorney listed with Forbes. Providing Prepaid, Legal Service & Advice for: Identity Theft & Protection, including Family & Businesses, Small Business Legal Advice & Opportunity, Employee Benefits, Commercial Drivers, Legal Insurance Plans

Photo: Commerical drivers should not leave home without this legal plan. This cdl insurance legal service protects your drivers license and so much more.

Photo: Legal Shield’s homebased business opportunity is The Business of the 21st Century

                                              What is LegalShield? 

When it comes to needing an attorney you have options. Not everyone can afford to hire an attorney for everyday life events. Most people cannot pick up the phone and find out what ones rights are in any situation, or get answers to legal questions to limit future legal problems. That is why LegalShield has been offering affordable access to the legal system through legal service plans for over 40 years. LegalShield provides affordable access to our legal system to small businesses, individuals, commercial drivers, employees and families.  As a member you will also receive online access to downloadable legal forms and access to our video law library at no additional cost. Providing peace of mind through a low-cost legal service plan just makes sense. Members pay one low monthly fee for access to quality law firms and experienced attorneys nationwide.  

Members also have the ability to obtain protection against identity theft at a discounted cost.  Under this plan Professional Certified Identity Theft Investigators with Kroll, the number one risk Management Company in the world, will work to keep your personal information as safe as possible. If someone should steal your good name,Kroll professionals go to work for you to restore your identity along with your good name.             

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             About LegalShield


• Established in 1972

1.8 million requests for legal service assistance last year

Proprietary system of provider law firms,
1,100 dedicated attorneys, on average of 19 years of experience and over 5,000 partnering law firms nationwide

• Offering a high-quality, affordable legal service
 plans and Identity Theft Services for over 40 years

1.4 million Legal service plan memberships
    across the USA and 4 provinces in Canada

* Over 34,000 companies offer as a voluntary employee benefit package

* Over 40,000 small businesses are protected with the small  business legal service plans

* Partner law firms in 49 states and 4 provinces

* . The attorneys with our firms have an average of 19 years of experience in such areas as family matters, estate planning, financial and business issues, consumer protection, tax, real estate, benefits disputes and auto/driving issues.

* A+ Rating with BBB

How It Works
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"Justice for All" 
Now a Reality
 LegalShield Florida's legal service plans, talk to top quality law firms experienced attorneys.Unlimited legal advice and legal help. Providing Legal Service Plans for less than $20/mo. add  Identity Theft Shield 9.95mo , Protects Families, Small Business , Employee Benefits, Commercial Drivers, Legal Insurance Plans, legal business opportunity, work at home opportunitys. Legal help, legal advice, attorney, and lawyer.

        Worry Less. Live More.

Why LegalShield's Legal & Identity Theft Service Plans?

*Unlimited legal advice on any personal matter

* Communication is always with attorneys

* Only Certified Fraud Investigators with Kroll working to restore your good name

*When your Identity gets stolen it becomes a legal issue. LegalShield's network of quality law firms are available to assist the Fraud investigators regarding legal issues on your behalf protecting you and your rights during the process.

• Members have access to our nationwide network of quality law firms in 49 states

* LegalShield Provider Law Firms only with quality law firms with experienced attorneys

* Full Restoration with Identity Theft Plans

* Only Certified Fraud Investigators with Kroll working to restore your good name

*When your Identity gets stolen it becomes a legal issue. LegalShield's network of quality law firms are available to assist the Fraud investigators regarding legal issues on your behalf protecting you and your rights during the process.

•Experts from Kroll, the world's leading consulting company in identity theft restoration services working
for our members

 * Kroll's Certified Fraud investigators working on your behalf so you can go back to living your life 

*Simple Will, Living Will, Medical Directive & Power of Attorney for each member plus yearly updates at no additional cost

Become a member and get unlimited personal legal advice from quality law firms nationwide today for under $20!

Get legal help, legal advice today!

Toll-Free Nationwide 1.888.343.0105

Nationwide LegalShield
Legal Services & Identity Theft  Plans 
    Nationwide & Canada

" Serving Legal Needs
For Over 42 Years"


LegalShield's Business Opportunity
Learn more:

You have questions…we have answers:

How can I get legal help or legal advice and have access to quality law firms nationwide with LegalShield?

For a low monthly cost you and your family can get legal help and legal advice by having access to quality law firms nationwide. With a
 commitment of 1.5 million members, Legal  Shield  is able to negotiate 
comprehensive legal services with dedicated law firms nationwide at a fraction of what they traditionally cost. Our attorneys/lawyers aren't waiting to get paid, and instead are prepaid. They're motivated to provide legal help/legal advice, and to serve all of our members and their needs equally. Covering 49 states and 4 provinces in Canada, our law firms are experienced, responsive, and reliable for your legal help or legal advice needs.

Photo: Orlando Florida LegalShield the largest provider of Legal Service Plans covering the US and Canada. Top rated law firms with Matindale Hubbell.  legal service plans, largest legal plan provider in north america. talk to top quality lawyers nationwide, unlimited legal advice less than $20 a month. legal help/ Top law firms rating in Forbes. LegalShield provides Legal Service Plans for less than $20/mo. add  Identity Theft Shield 9.95 , LegalShield protects families, small business , employee benefits, commercial drivers, legal insurance plans, legal shield homebased  business opportunity, work at home, careerbuiler and lifestyle builder.
"Everyone Deserves
Legal Protection"
Why do I need a LegalShield  Plan?

Because you have many rights as an American citizen today Legal Shield helps you learn what legal rights you have and how to protect those legal rights and gives you the legal help/legal advice you need without worrying about high hourly cost.

As a Legal Shield member your legal service plan allows you access to quality law firms for less than a bottle of water a day. It's important to know and exercise your rights!  But, if you don't know your don't have any. Legal help and legal advice is one click away.

What about my Small Business Legal Questions?
 Small business owners have a lot to worry about. With the Small Business Owners Legal Plan, legal advice and legal help can ease some of those worries. As a small business legal plan member, you have access to quality lawyers for legal help, legal advice and so much more. Plus you can add-on our business consultant’s services for only $14.95 a month. Get your small business questions answered with experts in their field.  Legal help and legal advice plus business consulting for your small business is one click away.

When my valued employees need legal help, legal advice or help when their identity is stolen, how you can assure them peace of mind?
With a Legal Shield membership and our identity theft plans, you can be confident your employee's legal rights will be handled quickly by our provider law firms with their best interests at heart. Legal  Shield  has a position as one of America's pioneers in legal service plans and it allows us to provide access to the legal system at an affordable cost while providing outstanding service. Helping your employees with legal advice, legal help and getting them answers to their questions can prevent them from having legal problems in the future and keep them on the job. Legal help and
 legal advice and the identity theft plans for your employees peace of mind is just one click away.

Why should I have an Identity Theft Service Plan?

Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year. LegalShield offers two high quality identity theft plans. LegalShield Identity Theft Plan provides standard identity monitoring and the Identity Theft Premium Plan has more comprehensive monitoring. Best of all, both services provide Comprehensive Identity Restoration from Kroll. So in the unfortunate event something does happen to your identity, you’ll have professional help in getting your identity restored to what it was before the fraud occurred. To ensure you have the best coverage possible, add-on the LegalShield  plan  to get affordable access to our nationwide network of quality law firms, because when you get your identity stolen it becomes a legal matter. Coverage on the includes you and your spouse and up to 8 dependent children under the age of 18.

So if you think you’re not at risk? Unfortunately you are.

If you...
Hand your credit card to servers at restaurants?
Sign your credit cards?
Supply personal information over the internet? 
Keep your Social Security number in your wallet or purse? 
Leave mail at your home or business for the postal carrier to collect? 
Shred unwanted mail with personal information?

Have teenagers going away to college?
Bank/ Purchase over the internet?


Get REGULAR MONITORING of your credit report and let the proven leaders in the industry, Kroll, and LegalShield restore your good name.

"Affordable Legal Services & Law Firms That Specialize In Fighting Identity Theft”   

Commercial Driverswhat would you do if your license was suspended or revoked?

This is a plan that you do not want to leave home without. We offer legal help and legal advice services tailored to meet the needs of commercial drivers just like you. Protect your legal rights anywhere the open road takes you in the United States and get unlimited legal help /legal advice at your fingertips while you are away from home 24/7. Nationwide access for issues or questions you encounter when you're on the road.
As an Insurance Broker (or Independent Agent) why do I want to offer LegalShield  and Identity theft services to my clients?
It gives your clients Peace Of Mind to know that if a legal situation or question arises, they have access to nationwide quality law firms for legal help, legal advice, as a Legal Shield member. It also gives you the ability to offer insurance products that fill in the legal gap in your client’s policies. By giving your clients the ability to access our legal system for unlimited legal help/legal advice and Identity theft services at a fraction of the usual cost, it can reduce their worries and frustrations. A legal service insurance plan can give your clients legal help/legal advice at their fingertips.

You have more questions... we have more answers.

What kind of attorney do I get for under $20 a month?
Legal Shield brings you the Best of the Best when it comes to which attorneys are in their network to serve our members. LegalShield's attorneys have on average 19 years experience. Nationwide quality laws firms because LegalShield has already done your research for you, and  has arranged for you to have a special law firm available in your state to provide you/ members unlimited legal help/legal advice on unlimited topics for one low monthly affordable fee nationwide. Our firms are screened, monitored (not with attorney's conversation) for quality control and ready to handle your legal matters with the interest and concern you deserve.

Can you tell me more about LegalShield's quality law firms?
AbsolutelyLegal Shield's Law Firms are prestigious law firms with attorney/lawyers having over 18 years of experience in numerous areas of law to provide you with unlimited legal help/legal advice. Over our 40-year history, we have carefully screened and selected only quality law firms to serve and as a Legal Shield members you will always talk to an attorney not a paralegal, not their assistance,or law student just the attorney.working with you.

Can I get a list of lawyers?
You won’t need a list. Many people are used to having a booklet of doctors with their HMO. However, because the legal system can be so confusing, we provide our members with a lawyer/attorney in the area of law for their need, and in the area where they live. Most people are unaware that lawyers/attorneys specialize in different areas of law and each state has different laws, and therefore are not sure which lawyers/attorney are the most qualified to handle their legal situationLegal Shield takes all of the work out of the process of finding the right law firm for our members by providing the legal help/legal advice for any situation for our members.

What proof of membership do I have once I've joined?
Once you enroll your membership guide containing your plan coverage, contract and membership cards, will be sent to you within 7-10 days via postal mail.  You should carry your membership card with you at all times. We also have a toll free number so you can call and talk to a lawyer/attorney when you are out of your local area toll free and/or have an after hour emergency.

How do I know I can save money with a LegalShield membership?
Simply put, would you rather pay $300 an hour for a lawyer/attorney or $300 a year? Plus one you become a menber with Legal Shield you also receive our  " Beyond Membership Perks"  which allows you additional savings with partner-companies.

Doesn't my insurance company (Errors and Omissions, Homeowners, etc.,) cover me if I get into trouble?
Great question so glad you asked...As important as it is to have good insurance coverage in these areas, ask yourself this?  If you were to go to court with one of these companies, who would you rather have representing you--an attorney/lawyer with your best interests in mind or the insurance company's lawyer? Remember that the insurance company's attorney/lawyer is ultimately representing the insurance company, not you. LegalShield protects you and your good name.

Does LegalShield have a legal plan for my small business (1-99 employees))?
Yes...LegalShield has affordable small business legal plans that helps to protect your small business. And when you become a small business member you can add-on our small business consulting services with so much more to help you grow your small business. LegalShield also has a Home Based Business Supplement for businesses that just have family for employees and already have the family legal plan for under $10 a month.

Who is covered under  my family membership?
The person named by the contract, His/her spouse/domestic partner
Any never married, dependent children under age 26
residing in the named person's household, (Varies by State)
Any never married dependent children under age 18 for whom the member is a legal guardian
Any never married, dependent children who are full-time college students up to age 26, and
Any dependent children, regardless of age, who are incapable of sustaining employment due to mental retardation
or physical handicap and are dependent upon the person named by this contract for support.
Trial Defense (Title III) provides benefits for the member and /or the member's spouse only.

( Be sure to check the specific contract in your state. Dependent coverage varies slightly in each state.)

Call Toll Free Nationwide  888-343-0105

Join Our LegalShield Team

Our home based business opportunities are for those that want to be their own boss and have the luxury to work from the comfort of their own home. With this business opportunity you can earn income and set your own hours. We offer coaching and mentoring to ensure success and build your future.

Home Based
Business Opportunity Presentation



Legal help, legal advice, attorney, and lawyer.

Photo: Start your own legal shield homebased business, with legalshield you get a 40 year old company who has built a  rock solid foundation for you to build your future on. become an associate today with legalshield's homebased business opportunity and build your future.

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Recognized as: One of America's Top 100  Fastest Growing Companies.

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 LegalShield's homebased business opportunity a real careerbuilder. LegalShield's offers a business opportunity in the legal and insurance industry with residual income, work at home, best homebased business opportunity in the legal field today. Legal help, legal advice, attorney, and lawyer. 

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Let us show you how our society’s growing desire to work from home magnifies that potential even further… and how you can leverage our story, our services, our support, and our system to build a profitable business of your very own. Do you have what it takes to be successful with LegalShield's HomeBased Business Opportunity 

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Legal Services & Identity Theft Plans

Where members have access to our nationwide network of quality law firms
and experienced attorneys for less than $20 a month

Nationwide Toll Free 1.888.343.0105
             Legal  & Identity Theft Service Plans Covering the US and Canada

As an Independent Associate I service local areas Nationwide & Canada.

 Alaska (AK)| Arizona (AZ) | Arkansas (AR) | California (CA) | C
olorado (CO)District of Columbia  (DC) | Florida (FL )| North Carolina (NC) | Connecticut (CT) | Delaware (DE) | Georgia (GA) | Hawaii (HI) | Idaho (ID) | Indiana (IN) | Iowa (IA) | Kansas (KS)  Kentucky (KY) | Louisiana (LA) | Maine (ME) | Maryland (MD) | Michigan (MI) | Minnesota (MN) | Mississippi (MS) | Nebraska (NE) New Hampshire (NH) | New Mexico (NM) | New York (NY) |Nebraska( NE)Nevada (NV | Ohio (OH) | Oklahoma (OK)| Oregon (OR) | Rhode Island (RI) | Pennsylvania (PA) | South Dakota (SD | Texas (TX)|Utah (U | Vermont (VT) Virginia (VA)| Washington ( WA) | West Virginia (WV)| Wyoming(WY)

                              Get Legal help/legal advice today!                                               

Varies by State